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Consumer electronics
Faster charging. More runtime.
Breathe for consumer electronics
Superior customer experiences start with mobility
Consumer experience is everything. Explorers want their phones to last all the way to the top of the mountain and back again. Commuters want to listen to their favourite podcast on the way to work and then some. Your customers demand mobility and longevity, and they want it in the form of ever-thinner, lighter, more powerful devices. This means getting even more from your battery, with even less space in which to deliver battery performance.

At Breathe, we don’t compromise on aesthetics, performance, or sustainability. That's what quality is all about. We can help you extract untapped potential from your existing batteries, so you can do more with less, without damaging your margins. With adaptive charging from Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, you can be sure your next-generation product delivers a unique end-user experience.

Powering longer-lasting, sustainable smartphones with OPPO

Better user experience,
healthier planet.
Poor battery longevity is a major global sustainability issue. At Breathe, we’re building technology to overcome it. We enhance battery performance without taking more from the earth. No extra mineral extraction. No new cell production. Just software, and sustainability. Simply, we allow you to do more with the power you have.

Our physics-based battery management software improves the charging time and cycle life of batteries, making them healthier and longer lasting to significantly reduce the amount of electronic waste, supporting the journey towards a greener planet. 

Breathe for laptops

Your product, our software

Forget one-size-fits all battery optimisation. In our lab we recreate your conditions to tailor your solution. From sample to demo, we become an extension of your lab.

Together we prototype the most powerful solutions to support your product vision and accelerate your time to market.

As battery system engineers and product managers, you must deliver on conflicting product requirements. Delivering 3C charging often means facing performance trade-offs you simply can’t accommodate, leaving you stuck searching for solutions or waiting for your cell supplier's next chemistry node. You also have a supply chain to manage, and adding more hardware to the bill of materials represents risk. 

By adopting a software-only solution, you can ensure no performance is left on the table, decoupling the risk of waiting on cell chemistry nodes or adding extra steps to your supply chain. At Breathe, we specialise in extracting every bit of capability from existing battery materials and systems, operating from within the existing microcontroller in your smartphone, laptop or audio device to maximise the performance of your existing battery.
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We deliver our software as a statically-linked compiled library which can be integrated into a C/C++ environment on your target device.
15. Integrated Circuit_RGB_Black
Our software is integrated into your real-time software environment running on a 32 bit microprocessor architecture, such as ARM Cortex M4.
12. Dynamic_RGB_Black
We integrate in a bare-metal application or a real-time operating system such as FreeRTOS.
7. Efficent Process_RGB_Black
Our software is compatible with most standard-compliant C/C++ compilers. Compiler details and settings are required.


We know the importance of fast charging and durability to meet your mobility and sustainability goals. Adaptive charging, as offered by Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, is designed to help you deliver on your product objectives.

Our software guides your existing battery system in real-time to add more runtime during partial charging windows, or longer lifetime and runtime retention. That way your customers can enjoy doing what they love instead of worrying about their battery life. 

Offer greater mobility with Breathe Charge

Breathe Charge offers more than just “fast charging” and is designed with runtime in mind. Achieve a charging time reduction while adding more runtime per minute charging during partial charging windows so your customers can experience more, with minimal downtime. 

Rectangle 40090 Your system without Breathe Charge
Rectangle 40090 (1)  Your system with Breathe Charge

Stay stronger for longer with Breathe Life 

You know the best way to deliver a premium experience is to pro-actively design for longevity. With Breathe Life, you can supply products that exceed the longevity and sustainability expectations of your customers. Increase the battery lifetime and retain device runtime for longer so your customers don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing their battery for a very long time. 

Rectangle 40090 Your system without Breathe Life
Rectangle 40090 (1)  Your system with Breathe Life

To deliver the greatest runtime in the sleekest, most attractive form factor is everything. Traditionally, to achieve charging speed or cycle life gains you would be forced to sacrifice volumetric energy density. Those days are over. Welcome to software-defined batteries. 
Performance gains, with zero compromise

Deliver mobility without the trade-offs. Breathe Charge improves charging speeds with zero loss in mAh of discharge capacity, and all of the same energy stored to deliver the runtime, playtime and uptime your customers demand. 

Rectangle 40090 Your system without Breathe Charge
Rectangle 40090 (1)  Your system with Breathe Charge

Better battery health, the same charging power 
Breathe Life makes your battery more durable, and more sustainable. Your device will last longer before reaching “end-of-life” without sacrificing runtime, charging speed or any other battery attributes.

Rectangle 40090 Your system without Breathe Life
Rectangle 40090 (1)  Your system with Breathe Life

You don't want to change your system, nor do we. That’s why we work within it. Our technology is simple to integrate into any device and battery system, with no hardware required and zero impact on the device reliability your brand depends on. 

Welcome to the world of physics-based battery management software, where you can do more with the power you have. 
hi_v1-Breathe4125 1 (1)
  • Easy integration into a wide range of microcontrollers
  • Compatible with a wide range of fuel gauges on single-cell and multi-cell battery packs
  • Adherence to your strict swelling budget and thermal limits
  • Compatible with existing system maximum current limits
Swelling budget
Text (2)-1
90% capacity retained after 2 years
Breathe Life increased the battery lifetime of OPPO's Reno8 Series of smartphones from 800 to 1,600 charge-discharge cycles. That represents a 4-year device life, instead of a 2-year device life. Today, Breathe Life powers the Battery Health Engine on 25+ OPPO smartphone models.

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OPPO case study
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“Our customers are able to use their handsets for several years without worrying about battery deterioration after just one year. It will also benefit the planet by increasing the lifetime of the product.”

Edward Tian
Head of the Charging Technology Lab at OPPO Research Institute

Gain a competitive edge. Maintain your margins.

You want to accelerate your time to market, reduce warranty risk, and offer a more sustainable product design approach in compliance with new regulations such as the EU Right to Repair. But cost sensitivity is real and your programmes have limited budgets. As product and programme managers, you're looking for ways to spend money wisely to generate unmatched consumer experience wins.

At Breathe, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between maintaining margins and adopting the next greatest battery technology. We partner with you and your battery engineering team to provide the highest ratio of improvement to cost, so you unlock more performance and do more with your products, while simultaneously supporting your profitability and business objectives.

Powering your next generation products 

Forget one-size-fits all battery optimisation. In our lab we recreate your conditions to tailor your solution. From sample to demo, we become an extension of your lab.

Together we prototype the most powerful solutions to support your product vision and accelerate your time to market.

Breathe for smartphones


Breathe for laptops


Breathe for tablets


Breathe for audio devices

Audio devices

How we extract the force within

As battery engineers, you partner with your product teams to support the most stringent market expectations, exceed the toughest competitor innovations, and keep your organisation at the bleeding edge. And you know batteries. This is why whether you have an in-house battery team of 50 or one, we bring our expertise to partner with you in a way that works for you.

In our lab, we work on your hardware and recreate your conditions for humidity, temperature and pressure. We don’t use synthetic data. We work with your data and your context. We are precise, focused and work with huge scale. That way we can find the right algorithm to extract all the power from within your batteries to make them perform even better. 

Go further, more easily, with Breathe Charge and Breathe Life.

Adoption process 



Proof of concept set-up

Send your batteries and devices to our lab to initiate a 6-week Proof of Concept (POC). 

We identify a provisional product target for your upcoming device and adapt to your battery system goals and aspirations.


Parametrisation and calibration

We replicate your exact test conditions and
qualification process, tracking temperature and measuring against your thermal budget.

We also replicate environmental conditions and track against swelling budget. 


Integration and testing

We integrate Breathe Charge or Breathe Life into your battery system, collect detailed performance data and set up fortnightly communication with your team.

We produce a 360-degree report of your battery system performance improvement and assess with you the full scope of the opportunity.


Validation and licensing

You can extend the POC with a full degradation campaign to reach your desired cycle count and confidence level.

Together we clarify any remaining qualification requirements for launch and capture them in a license agreement.

Let’s talk faster charging
and lasting power