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Charge & Life
Faster charging. Longer life.
A unique charging
Nobody is remembered for 'best compromise'. Fast charging, high capacity and long life together are the holy grail of the battery world. But stepped charging profiles stand in the way, leaving you, as product leaders and battery experts, forced to choose.

Adaptive charging, which dynamically adjusts the charging current across both the state of charge and state of health windows, indicates the ideal charging current at every moment so you can extract even more from your existing batteries. 

Meet Breathe Charge and Breathe Life.

Your product, our software

Forget one-size-fits all battery optimisation. In our lab we recreate your conditions to tailor your solution. From sample to demo, we become an extension of your lab.

Together we prototype the most powerful solutions to support your product vision and accelerate your time to market.

Our embedded software function sits inside the microcontroller chip in your laptop, smartphone or audio device or the battery management system in your electric vehicle. Our products replace the existing charging strategy to deliver either faster charging or enhanced cycle life.
1. Fully Hardware compatible_RGB_Black
Compatible with all mainstream chemistries including LCO, NMC, NCA, LFP, C and C-Si systems. 
2. Fully (battery) compatible_RGB_Black
Developed for use on all cell form factors including pouch, coin, cylindrical and prismatic.
15. Integrated Circuit_RGB_Black-1
Delivered as a statically-linked compiled library, which can be integrated seamlessly into the battery management system. 
12. Dynamic_RGB_Black
Replaces existing stepped charging strategy to deliver adaptive charging, with no additional hardware required.

Extract the power within

As lithium-ion batteries age, their capacity and performance decline due to chemical aging and plating. That’s because traditional battery management relies only on what’s measurable on the outside, terminal voltage, and not the internal components that really matter.
At Breathe, our patented technology provides crystal clear visibility of what is happening on the inside, exploiting this visibility to control the battery in real-time to extract more performance, increasing its safety and longevity in the process.
This is the power behind Breathe Charge and Breathe Life. 

Faster charging.
Striking mobility.

Make sure your customers never have to worry about the time it takes to charge again.

Breathe Charge controls the charging current at every instant. By dynamically managing internal electrochemical states, it increases charging speed while simultaneously adapting to the evolving battery health to enhance safety.

With Breathe Charge, achieve faster charging with zero compromise on energy density, and all the cycle life that you're known for.
Providing a unique
charging experience
Rectangle 40090 Static charge profile
Rectangle 40090 (1) Breathe Charge

Volvo case study 30%
Volvo Cars will reduce the time it takes to charge its new generation fully electric cars from 10-80% state of charge by up to 30% with Breathe Charge.
“Differentiated, premium user experiences are enabled by the optimal, safe and reliable operation of battery systems. Embedding lookup tables and profiles of charge current as functions of temperature, state-of-charge and even state-of-health is no longer sufficient.

Adaptive charging, enabled through an embedded and real-time physics-based battery model, is now the new standard. We selected Breathe Charge because of its maturity, and we’re delighted to take advantage of the opportunity to lead the transition to adaptive charging.

Dr Björn Fridholm
Technical Expert, Battery Management at Volvo Cars
Less time charging
Breathe Charge indicates the ideal charging current at every instant to enable faster charging. Adaptive charging pushes the battery harder when it's new and capable, and dynamically adapts as the battery ages to protect battery health. Achieve product differentiation through a unique charging experience.
More time experiencing
With Breathe Charge you will receive instantly more runtime or range per minute charging. Consumers spend more time engaging with your brand and ecosystem, and less time waiting to untether their system from the charger.

Greater cycle life.
Total longevity.

Real quality lasts a lifetime. Make sure your products last just as long.

Breathe Life offers charge current control that dynamically manages the electrochemical states inside your battery to enhance cycle life and average state of health. Retain pristine system performance for longer, and enhance longevity to deliver on your sustainability and user experience ambitions.

With Breathe Life, there are no more trade-offs. Achieve safer battery operation through control that evolves with battery health, with zero compromise on energy density or charge speed.

Providing a unique
charging experience
Rectangle 40090 Static charge profile
Rectangle 40090 (1) Breathe Life

Oppo case study 80%
Breathe Life enables the Oppo Reno8 Series to retain 80% of its capacity after 4 years instead of 2.

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More cycles
Stepped charging profiles don't adapt as batteries age, leading to a damaging positive feedback loop where the control strategy becomes too aggressive for the battery's state of health. This drives the knee-point and end of life.

Breathe Life brings battery degradation under control. With charging that actively adapts to state of health, Breathe Life provides enhanced capacity retention and greater cycle life. You bear less warranty risk, and your customers spend more time experiencing.
Greater sustainability
You've borne the financial cost and carbon footprint of sourcing batteries. Now you're responsible for getting the most out of them. 

With Breathe Life you can deliver quality that lasts a lifetime. Extract every last drop of potential out of lithium, carbon, nickel and more, making your minerals go further, so you can deliver more sustainable, longer-lasting products. Kinder to the planet and brilliant for consumers, all at once.

Get started with a proof of concept

Forget one-size-fits all battery optimisation. In our lab we recreate your conditions to tailor your solution. From sample to demo, we become an extension of your lab.

Together we prototype the most powerful solutions to support your product vision and accelerate your time to market.

Assess the true potential of your battery system with your specific conditions via our 4-step proof of concept.

After the proof of concept you can adopt and scale our technology across your entire product line.
Send your batteries and device to our lab to initiate a 60-day proof of concept. 

We identify a provisional product target with you, and design the proof of concept to deliver on your battery system goals and aspirations.
We calibrate our product for your battery system, replicating your exact test conditions and in-house qualification process. Where you don't yet have one, we help you build it. We always track temperature against your thermal budget.

For electric vehicles, we replicate compression and forced cooling exactly. For consumer electronics, we replicate passive cooling and track against your swelling budget.
Testing and integration
We produce a 360-degree report of your beginning of life battery system performance with and without our product applied, so you can assess the full scope of the opportunity. 

For consumer electronics devices, we integrate our product into your device. For electric vehicles, we integrate our product into your battery management system.

We capture any remaining qualification requirements for your product launch in a license agreement.
Validation (optional)
Optional phase to extend the proof of concept with validation over your desired cycle count. We provide extensions in purchasable cycle count blocks to match your internal sign-off requirements.
Improving batteries in consumer electronics and electric vehicles 
Frequently asked questions
How do Breathe products work?
Breathe’s products, Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, are embedded software functions installed on the battery management system that inform the charger what current to supply the system during charging.
Breathe's software works by analysing electrochemical states in real-time to extract maximum performance from the battery system while at the same time protecting its lifetime. 
Do Breathe products require any additional hardware?
No. Breathe’s embedded software functions are hardware agnostic, integrated with the device’s existing microcontroller or the vehicle’s battery management system.
In addition, Breathe’s products do not require any additional sensing hardware, operating using the temperature, current and voltage measurements available in standard systems.
We do, however, need samples of your battery pack to calibrate our product and enable the software for your battery.
Does this work with my microcontroller?
We are continuously adding to the list of microcontrollers that we validate with and currently work with microcontrollers with a range of capabilities. These include small microcontrollers for applications such as audio earbuds up to those used in battery management systems for large automotive battery packs.
Where do you test and qualify your battery software products?
All testing is performed in-house to your qualification standards.
We have a 7,500 sq. foot lab in east London which generates 4,800+ hours of data validation every day.
Why does this technology increase charge speed and safety?
We correlate safety with state-of-health.
We see evidence of lower state-of-health decreasing battery safety, for example, lowering the onset temperature for thermal runaway.
Since both of our products, Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, dynamically adjust charging in response to state-of-health, they actively avoid a damaging positive feedback loop.
Traditionally as the battery ages, charging becomes too aggressive for the state-of-health, which lowers state-of-health further, which in turn widens the gap further between the charging strategy and the state-of-health.
By breaking this positive feedback loop our products enhance both health and safety.
What industry sectors do you work in?
Breathe currently works with top tier OEMs and tier 1 battery system manufacturers, in the automotive and consumer electronics (smartphones, laptops, audio devices) industries.
What does Breathe’s licensing model look like?
Breathe's fee structure is simple and split into two parts.
Product setup and the proof of concept (PoC) requires a fixed fee which includes validation of charge control products on your battery.
Upon completion of PoC, we will provide you with a licensing agreement to give you access to Breathe's products.
Licensing fees consist of a fixed uptake fee and a volume linked royalty fee. Maintenance and support is always optionally available and is charged annually. 
What inputs do you need from us?
To get set-up with our products, we require you to supply us your system battery pack and the data sheet provided by your cell supplier.
We then parameterise our battery model architecture, PHI X2, by performing some light tests on the battery and we calibrate our software products (Breathe Charge or Breathe Life) to deliver the co-agreed performance for you.
What outputs will we get from the software?
Breathe Charge and Breathe Life will provide a real-time recommendation of the ideal charging current for your product. Our products additionally provide diagnostics outputs. For our largest customers where required we can support with custom wrappers and interfaces. 
Does your software satisfy your customer’s safety requirements?
Yes. We comply with our customer’s safety requirements and build our software according to a range of industry standards.

Let’s talk faster charging
and lasting power