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Electric vehicles
Charge faster. Go further.
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The cutting-edge of mobility and sustainability
Mobility is everything. Sustainability is critical. Make sure your customers can drive their kids home safely before they run out of battery. And see to it that they don’t have to replace their car battery for a long time. In fact, make sure they never have to compromise on design, sustainability or performance. Because that’s what quality is all about.

Our customers know this better than anyone. At Breathe, we support your electrification roadmap by extracting untapped potential from your existing batteries to deliver greater performance. We do this economically responsibly, and with minimal supply chain risk, by finding innovative ways to get more performance for the same amount of graphite, nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium extracted. With adaptive charging from Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, you can be sure your next-generation EV is part of the journey to a greener tomorrow.

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“Adaptive charging, enabled through an embedded and real-time physics-based battery model, is now the new standard. Simply, it enables us to continue our march to “optimal”, while ensuring the safety and reliability that Volvo is renowned for. With Breathe, we are accessing that future immediately, delivering a better end-user experience for Volvo customers. We selected Breathe Charge because of its maturity, and we’re delighted to take advantage of the opportunity to lead the transition to adaptive charging.”
Dr Björn Fridholm
Technical Expert, Battery Management at Volvo Cars
Affordable innovation
The opportunity of electrification is massive. So is the cost. Increasing the profitability of your electric vehicle models is essential and you need to find ways to transition intelligently, facilitated by affordable innovation and technology.

Achieving EV production at scale, with an exceptional user experience for your customers is hard. That’s where Breathe comes in. We provide simple, software solutions that add exceptional value and maximise cost efficiencies by extracting more performance from existing cells. Welcome to software-defined batteries.

Your product, our software

Forget one-size-fits all battery optimisation. In our lab we recreate your conditions to tailor your solution. From sample to demo, we become an extension of your lab.

Together we prototype the most powerful solutions to support your product vision and accelerate your time to market.

As battery system engineers and product managers, you must deliver on conflicting product requirements. Delivering 3C charging often means facing performance trade-offs you simply can’t accommodate, leaving you stuck searching for solutions or waiting for your cell supplier's next chemistry node. You also have a supply chain to manage, and adding more hardware to the bill of materials represents risk. 

By adopting a software-only solution, you can ensure no performance is left on the table, decoupling the risk of waiting on cell chemistry nodes or adding to your supply chain. At Breathe, we specialise in extracting every bit of capability from existing battery materials and systems, sitting inside the microcontroller chip in your electric vehicle to maximise the performance of your existing battery.
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We deliver our software as a statically-liked compiled library, such as an AUTOSAR component.

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Our software is compatible with most automotive BMS ECU microprocessors, e.g. the Infineon AURIX TriCore line.
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We integrate in a bare-metal application or operating systems such as AUTOSAR.
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Our software is compiled with most standards-compliant C/C++ compilers. Compliers details ad settings are required.


We understand the importance of fast charging, range and longevity to meet your mobility and sustainability goals. Adaptive charging, as offered by Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, is designed to help you deliver your electrification roadmap.

Our software guides your existing battery system in real-time to deliver either more range per minutes charging during partial charge windows, or longer lifetime and range retention, enabling you to produce the most sustainable and performant electric cars in the industry. That way your customers can enjoy doing what they love instead of worrying about their battery life. 

Offer greater mobility with Breathe Charge

Breathe Charge offers more than just “fast charging” and is designed with range in mind, delivering optimal charge performance at multiple states of charge and start temperatures. Achieve a charging time reduction while adding more range per minute charging during partial charging sessions so your customers can experience more driving, with minimal time stopped to charge. 

Rectangle 40090 Without Breathe Charge
Rectangle 40090 (1)  With Breathe Charge


Build more sustainable, long lasting vehicles with Breathe Life

You know your best defence against warranty claims, repairs and damage to the premium experience is to pro-actively design for longevity. With Breathe Life, you can supply vehicles that exceed the longevity and sustainability expectations of your customers. Increase the battery lifetime and retain device range for longer so your customers don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing their battery for a very long time. 

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Rectangle 40090 (1)  With Breathe Life

We replicate your exact conditions and adhere to your standards, including system thermal limits, to retain system longevity and safety when integrating our software into your system.

Integration is simple whether you want to enhance the performance of one, or multiple, vehicle programmes, and we are compatible with the most recent and upcoming electric car battery architectures including 400 and 800V.

Welcome to the world of battery management software, where you can do more with the power you have. 

Qualified to satisfy your thermal and load profile requirements 

We manage the battery temperature in line with your in-house qualified charging strategy and our interfaces work effectively with the cooling system and at the vehicle level.

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Rectangle 40090 (1)  With Breathe

Produce high quality, safe products, free from faults or technical issues, supported by ASPICE qualified software.

We pride ourselves on providing quality products and are committed to constant improvement. We work closely with our automotive customers to continuously enhance battery system performance in line with industry standards. This includes:
  • AUTOSAR compliant software for class-leading electric car manufacturers

  • Software developed according to ASPICE & ISO 26262
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Electric car achieves 30% faster charging with Breathe Charge.

We worked with a global OEM to achieve 30-minute charging at start of life, reducing the charge time of the electric car by 30%, while simultaneously improving the state of health trajectory.
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Hypercar gains a 33% cycle life extension with Breathe Life.

By implementing Breathe's adaptive charging technology, a leading hypercar brand achieved 33% extra life while also going from 0 to 80 % charge in only 20 minutes.

How we extract the force within

You have tight programme and production timelines. You want to accelerate your time to market, but supply chain complexity is a threat. Our software solutions are designed to enhance the value of your battery-powered vehicles without increasing your bill of materials, adding logistics challenges, and do so within the quickest possible timeframe.

Our mature, quality software comes with a fast turnaround on integration, simple maintenance solutions over the vehicle lifetime and easy adaptation to new cells you bring to production. 

In our lab, we work on your hardware and recreate your conditions for humidity, temperature and pressure. We don’t use synthetic data. We work with your data and your context. We are precise, focused and work with huge scale. That way we can find the right algorithm to extract all the power from within your batteries.
We are an extension of your product team
Software complexity can be a business risk. But we believe simplicity is key. We swallow the complexity and risk of battery state estimation to provide you with simple, affordable solutions to differentiate your battery experience with low lead times. 

We partner with you to understand your specific technology and roadmap ahead. Then we work hand in hand to deliver a tailored and highly advanced battery system that increases your product performance. Working with your battery and product teams, we can provide battery innovation to design the next generation of EV battery experience.

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Since integrating Breathe's adaptive charging solution, Breathe Charge, on our battery system, we have been impressed with the results. We have been able to experimentally verify faster charge speeds, while also reducing thermal losses and maintaining battery health across the entire battery lifecycle."
Matt Lowe
Head of Battery Management Systems at Cosworth

Adoption process


Proof of concept set-up

Send your batteries and devices to our lab to initiate a 6-week Proof of Concept (POC). 

We identify a provisional product target for your upcoming device and adapt to your battery system goals and aspirations.

Parametrisation and calibration

We replicate your exact test conditions and
qualification process, tracking temperature and measuring against your thermal budget.

We also replicate environmental conditions and track against swelling budget. 

Integration and testing

We integrate Breathe Charge or Breathe Life into your battery system, collect detailed performance data and set up fortnightly communication with your team.

We produce a 360-degree report of your battery system performance improvement and assess with you the full scope of the opportunity.

Validation and licensing

You can extend the POC with a full degradation campaign to reach your desired cycle count and confidence level.

Together we clarify any remaining qualification requirements for launch and capture them in a license agreement.

Let’s talk better batteries for your next generation electric vehicles